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In a time marked by uncertainty and division, this book stands as a beacon of hope and possibility. It's a testament to the transformative power of redefining masculinity, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Whether you're a man seeking guidance on your journey of self-discovery or an ally eager to support positive change, "Stop Blaming Men For All Of The Problems" is an essential read for anyone committed to building a brighter future.
What’s the secret to loving life after you turn 50?
Building a mindset that makes the rest of your life the best of your life really does work wonders!

Do you fee like you've missed out on the best years of your life?

Just don't have the same passion and purpose anymore?

Let’s make this the moment everything changes

I’m Coach Michael Taylor and I have something to share with you that I know for a fact is going to change your life: the best years of your life haven’t even started yet!

You read that right; everything you have done so far is just preparation for the golden years you’re just about to start living through. You’ve put in so much work to get to where you are, you’ve devoted yourself to your family for decades, and you’ve built up skills the younger version of YOU could have only dreamed of.

So, why don’t you see all of this? You’re too close to it all because you’re focused on the day-to-day tasks, the here and now, and the what-could-have-beens! Imagine if you could shift your mindset and start feeling like this:

- Contented because you can see just how far you’ve already come in life

Peaceful because you know that you have got so much right along the way

Passionate because you see that NOW is the moment to reap all your rewards

You might think I’m talking about pure fantasy, but all I ask is that you put those thoughts to one side for the next 60 seconds. I have something I need to share with you…

My latest book is creating an over 50s movement

My new book, I'm Not Okay With Gray - How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50, is all about how YOU can shift your mindset and make these the best years of your life in every possible way. It’s not an exercise in covering over the truth so you feel good about yourself for a short while, it’s an exercise in personal liberation and motivation built on restoring your passion or life.

Open your eyes, change everything.

As an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and certified life coach for the over 50s, I’ve seen firsthand how simple mindset shifts can change everything; and I mean everything!

More Energy to go out there into the world and enjoy every single thing life has to offer

More Focus on growing as a person and supporting the people you love along the way

More Passion for the things you love because you know how to go out and get them

More Opportunities than at any other time in your life now you can grab the moment

Now I’ve told you about the shift YOU can

experience, I only have one question for you…

What’s your next move?

The first move is FREE, the second move is going to open your eyes, and your third move is to show the world you can revolutionize what everyone thinks about life after 50:

Start For FREE

Why miss out?

You can be anyone you want to be. This is the moment your mindset sets you free. Don’t miss out when everything is just a click away!

Want to make a real difference?

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Ready when you are…

5 Keys To Turn Adversities Into


If you're dealing with any of life's adversities right now and are looking for ways to overcome them, gain access to my powerful FREE Masterclass video and E-Book titled 5 Keys To Turn Adversities Into Allies.

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Signature Keynote Speeches

The Good News Is...

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The top 10 reasons why the future is brighter than most people think.

  • Why race relations are getting better not worse in society and why diversity is the key to ensuring America maintains its position as the greatest country in the world.

  • Why technology will improve the quality of people’s lives and create more jobs for the future.

Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The five keys to turning any adversity into an ally that supports you in your transformation and growth.

  • Why the key to dealing with any adversity is a positive mindset and attitude.

  • How to use adversity as a stepping-stone to live the life of your dreams.

Shattering Black Male Stereotype

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The 10 most destructive media generated illusions about black men.

  • Why it’s important for companies to have conversations about diversity and inclusion.

  • Why black men should be optimistic about the future.

The New Face Of Entrepreneurship

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur.

  • The 3 types of compensation every entrepreneur should receive in order to build a company that makes a difference and a profit.

  • 5 reasons every entrepreneur should be excited to start a business that changes the world.

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Coach Michael Taylor discusses his new book: The Good News Is... The Future Is Brighter Than You Think.

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his book: 

Shattering Black Male Stereotypes.

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Shatter The Stereotypes Summit

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Coach Michael Taylor discusses his book: 

A New Conversation With Men

Coach Michael Taylor discusses his book: 

Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally.

Coach Michael Taylor discusses the changing roles of manhood and masculinity.

Coach Michael Taylor has a mind as deep as the cosmos and he is using it to help make the world a better place.

Brandon Peele

- author of Planet on Purpose

Coach Michael Taylor has a way of inspiring and motivating individuals to reach deep within themselves and discover the greatness that is within.

Arthur J. Johnson

- CEO & Thought Leader

Coach Michael Taylor is a dynamic inspiring and powerful speaker and man on purpose.

Vanessa Petronelli

- Spiritual Teacher

Not only is he a powerful dynamic speaker but his willingness to speak so openly about emotional issues for men was truly heartwarming.

Anita Charlot

- Women's Coach & Speaker

Coach Michael Taylor delivers with conviction, style, voracity at times and a heart. Let him light up your team!

"Tom Kelley

- Podcaster, Workshop Faciliator

Coach  Michael Taylor Blog

The Good News Is   …  The Future Is Brighter Than You Think

There are a lot more things than are right with the world than are wrong with it. Now more than ever people need reasons for hope and optimism.

Shatter The Stereotypes

Back in 1995 I was in a restaurant when I overheard a conversation between two very intelligent, well dressed, well spoken, professional black men. 

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Despite current racial tension, this blog explains why America is no longer a racist country.

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