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I'm Not Okay With Gray

The Book For Everyone Over 40!

I'm Not Okay With Gray guides you through the journey of Coach Michael Taylor as he battled to overcome obstacles, conquer challenges and come out the other side better than ever.


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-Enjoy your golden years the way you deserve to

-Develop a powerful mindset that makes age just a number

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Michael Taylor is spoken about as “the irrepressible optimist with a passion for the impossible.” Why? Because he can help you understand why life begins at 50!


This book is a guide to your golden years that will allow you to go out into the world and do whatever your passion tells you. It’s a chance to follow your heart, invest time in your hobbies and enjoy every moment that you’ve earned over all these years.

Just imagine being able to:


-Escape the stress of aging and understand that it’s a fantastic journey

-Enjoy a brighter future that will give you everything in life you want

-Understand how your own needs, passions and motivations change

-Reconnect with what you love to do and find the energy to do it


Combine all of these positive lessons and bring them into your world and you’ll prove to yourself that life is only just beginning.

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Maria Victoria Beltran

-  book reviewer

Coach Michael Taylor’s I’m Not Okay With Gray: How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50 is a gem of a book, a treasure trove for those who want to thrive and live a happy life at any age past 50. A motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Coach Taylor speaks from experience and is a self-proclaimed optimist, perfect ingredients for an informative and enjoyable read. With quotes from influential personalities from different fields, this is a well-researched motivational book based on theology, science, and spirituality. Coach Taylor’s literary style is charming and appealing which makes for an extremely engaging read as he helps his readers tread the path to genuine happiness. What makes this book doubly unique is that it is written from the heart, not from a pulpit. I highly recommend this book. tion Headline


Susan van der Walt

-  book reviewer

Life doesn't always turn out the way we expect, and we often face this reality in our fifties, but Coach Michael Taylor inspires us with practical steps to improve the essential areas of our lives. Modern Western society often regards the elderly as less valuable, but Taylor shows this to be false. With each new stage of life, we have more to offer - more love, skills, and a greater capacity to serve - but it all depends on your mindset and attitude. Reading I'm Not Okay With Gray gave me hope that by changing my mindset, I can empower myself in essential areas of life, and my fifties can become the best time of my life. Although not written from a specific religious perspective, people with different religious views will find the information helpful to apply in their lives. 


Pikasho Deka

-  book reviewer

An illuminating read from start to finish, I'm Not Okay With Gray is a must-read for anyone going through midlife. Coach Michael Taylor provides useful and easily applicable tools for readers to incorporate into their day-to-day lives and discover a new version of themselves in the process. The book primarily offers a fresh perspective and outlook on life after you enter midlife. Each chapter delves into the various aspects of contemporary life that can bring meaning and purpose to someone searching for it. Taylor insists that it is of utmost importance to have a positive outlook and work toward improving society and the world as a whole. This is a motivational book that I highly recommend. 


Maria Victoria Beltran

-  book reviewer

What if we came to embrace a new paradigm that posits, “The longer I live, the better I become at living?”  What might open up in the  quality of our lives, if we abandoned the false notion that a calendar has any power to determine the health of our bodies, the sweetness of our relationships, the height of our achievement,  the limit of our financial potential, or the extent of our legacy?  In substance, this would be joining with my spiritual mentor, the late Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon, who declared, “Age is not of my spiritual business.”  Because of this, in her lifetime, she achieved more than most would accomplish in ten lifetimes — simply because she did not let a calendar limit the heights in her skies.

Imagine what new possibilities might open up for living a life of purpose, passion, peace and prosperity if we were not afraid to move to the next stage of our development as humans.  What if we could see each stage offering a new gift, and each gift being more meaningful than the former?  What if we are in fact, not aging, but evolving?  And with each evolutionary circuit around the sun, we are amassing a greater capacity to love, to serve, to heal, and to transform the world in which we live?  With this evolutionary paradigm, we move into each new stage of our journey, anticipating the best and enthused to get there.  Our disposition is regenerative and we can see that the rest of our lives will be the best of our lives. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine, Michael Taylor has laid it out in this book.  All we have to do is take the journey.  All aboard!!!